too many feelings
susan. columbia university. in the greatest city in the world
one direction + larry
5 seconds of summer
supernatural + misha collins
teen wolf
doctor who

enantiomers: isomers with identical molecular formulas, but structurally are mirror images of each other - like your hands

i’m loving these four years of 1d posts because it’s bringing back all the golden fetus larry pictures


larry elounonono 1d

who unbuttons their shirt all the way down to their damn belly button at a wedding

is harry styles even real


i can’t even pick my favorite song what makes you think i can pick a college

or a career

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how is it possible for me to be obsessed with a boy band for so long?


god dammit tumblr

this may be the best 1d post in history gold do not lose

louis trying to kill us basically